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  • denver sustainability park
  • denver sustainability park


A place where ideas grow. A place where technology comes to earth. A place to connect with the environment and learn about our food, water and resources. A place for sun and fresh air. A place to gather, to experiment, to engage.

When you visit Denver's Sustainability Park, you'll discover a garden of ideas and activities bringing this city neighborhood to life. Nearly three acres of carefully planned exhibits, plots and facilities showcase clean, sustainable ways of life tailored for Denver's urban environment. View examples of renewable energy, urban agriculture and thoughtful use of land and water. Learn about options for energy efficient building, transportation and efficient resource use. Observe new designs and cutting-edge technologies at work. And experience the results of community-focused efforts to produce healthy neighborhoods and a vibrant, growing economy.

Come to Denver's Sustainability Park -- A Great Place For You.

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  • denver sustainability park

About Us

Guided by a holistic approach to building healthy urban communities, Denver's Sustainability Park is a community, education and green industry resource in the heart of downtown. The park will showcase, evaluate and promote earth-friendly technologies and strategies across a broad range of disciplines including; Renewable Energy and Green Building, Agriculture and Sustainable Site Development, Strong Community Participation, Jobs and Healthy Economy, and Transportation. With an outdoor venue and beautiful open space the park's exhibits and programs will be set in an urban refuge that will attract thousands to gather, experiment, and learn from each other.

The park is 2.7 acres and located at 2500 Lawrence Street in Downtown Denver. Click here for map and directions.

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Master Plan:

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denver sustainability park

Denver's Sustainability Park is bringing to life our vision of healthy communities and sustainable development. To accomplish this, the Park will work in five areas:

Renewable Energy and Green Building Denver's Sustainability Park will support research and development for renewable energy and sustainable building techniques.

  • Testing of demonstration and pilot projects for established and emerging technologies.
  • Smart metering and data gathering to collect and analyze the costs and benefits of various strategies.
  • Experiment with innovative designs and materials that increase efficiency while reducing construction costs and resource consumption.

Agriculture and Sustainable Site Development The Park will be a changing landscape with a continuing flow of new ideas and activities on display.

  • Promote access to affordable, good quality food for local residents.
  • Demonstrate careful water management through high-quality xeriscaping and the recycling of storm runoff and wastewater.

Strong Community Participation At its core, the park relies on cooperation and partnerships among communities and public and private organizations.

  • Promote neighborhood interaction and participation in its activities, with a strong focus on education.
  • Host events for the community and green industry.
  • Through its urban farms, the park will serve as a local source for food.

Jobs and a Health Economy A sustainable community is physically and financially healthy. Denver's Sustainability Parks works to:

  • Foster economic development that effectively utilizes natural resources while protecting the environment.
  • Facilitate training for green jobs, and increase the number of high-quality employment opportunities for local residents.
  • Support and promote its partner organizations as well as locally-owned businesses

Transportation As in all cities, transportation is one of Denver's biggest opportunities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases. The Park will work to reduce private motor vehicle trips and create safe environments for walking and biking. Denver's Sustainability Park features:

  • A B-Cycle bike share terminal
  • Convenient access to Denver public transportation.
  • We are also currently planning an electric vehicle car charging station and car share kiosk.

Currently On Display

Inspired by the Design for the Other 90% Denver exhibition, A Village Environment's Demonstration Village is a place where one can see a multitude of temporary relief and permanent developing world housing options in a park setting. The park also features simplistic and economical design solutions intended to improve the quality of life for the world's marginalized populations. Built in collaboration with the Denver Housing Authority and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society within Denver's Sustainability Park, Demonstration Village is establishing itself as a must see for anyone seeking to learn more about shelter options, energy systems and irrigation technologies.

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  • denver sustainability park

Urban Farmers Collaborative

The Urban Farmers Collaborative(UFC) is a partnership of organizations committed to urban agriculture as a method of ensuring that city residents have access to fresh organic food. The UFC provides employment for farmers and a site for teaching individuals, particularly young people, about farming and living sustainably. The Urban Farmers Collaborative engages with community members and organizations in converting unused land to farms; recognizing that local assets (people, land, knowledge, and community) are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.

Members of the Urban Farmers Collaborative include.


GreenLeaf is cultivating powerful youth and food justice through urban agriculture. At GreenLeaf young people ages 14-18 earn a fair wage while they grow food for their communities and take action on issues of health, nutrition, and social justice. Their diverse crew of youth interns drive's GreenLeaf's innovative and project based curriculum of intensive leadership development and asset-based community building. The young people also grow, challenging themselves and each other in an environment that creates lasting, just, and sustainable social change.

Produce Denver

Produce Denver's mission is to increase and ensure access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables in Denver; achieved through building bio-intensive edible landscapes for households. On site, Produce Denver uses their plot to grow perennial edible plants that are used at households throughout Denver. Produce Denver is testing and establishing the most economical and environmentally viable methods of extending the growing season and managing a soil building that supplies valuable, closed loop compost for all three urban farm operations.

Granata Farms

Granata Farm's plot is part of a multi-plot urban farm where they grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers which are marketed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), as well as neighborhood markets, restaurants and flower shops. They are a business designed to make a living farming. Growing food that delights and nourishes the pallet and the soul is what fuels their passion. They pass on knowledge about gardening and production agriculture by sharing their experiences. They also develop and evaluate production and marketing methods that contribute to making urban farming a viable business.

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High Altitude Aquaponics Fish and Green House

High Altitude Aquaponics Fish & Green House Feed Denver and Turn-key Aquaponics have teamed with several local and national organizations to develop a unique, high altitude, cold weather green house structure suitable for housing an aquaponics system. This design concept is the first of known structure providing a platform for scalable aquaponics systems for small family fish and vegetable production, intermediate neighborhood and community units, and larger commercial installations in Denver's harsh climate and weather.

The purpose of the project is to use multiple data loggers to develop a data base of detailed ambient air and water temperature performance data over multiple seasons; allowing for realistic prescriptions of specific fish and plant varieties which can be successfully produced year round with minimum energy input in specific cold climate zones. The project incorporates innovative passive solar support for both air and water heating, and simple but effective low voltage and passive air heating, cooling and ventilation systems. It is design to operate on an average of 500 watts of electricity.

  • denver sustainability park

Public Works Pilot Programs The perimeter of the site hosts two pilot projects being considered by The City and County Denver. LED street and pedestrian lights as well as recycled rubber sidewalks (along 26th Street) have been installed around the site's perimeter. These pilot projects are being tested for their suitability for incorporation into the city's broader public works initiatives.


Denver's Sustainability Park is a collaborative development effort of Denver Housing Authority (DHA) and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES).

The Denver Housing Authority is a quasi-municipal corporation with a portfolio of over 11,000 units and housing choice vouchers, providing affordable housing to more than 26,000 very low, low and middle income individuals representing over 10,000 families. DHA has transformed public housing in Denver creating vibrant, revitalized, sustainable, transit oriented, and mixed-income community of choice.

Today, DHA's vision has been honed to reflect the goal that every individual or family shall have quality and affordable housing, in communities offering empowerment, economic opportunity, and a vibrant living environment.

Denver Housing Authority's mission is to serve the residents of Denver by developing, owning, and operating safe, decent and affordable housing in a manner that promotes thriving communities.

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) is a nonprofit membership organization that works to increase awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and serves as a leading resource in providing renewable energy information to the people of Colorado to support the sensible adoption of these technologies by Colorado businesses and consumers.

CRES is the Colorado chapter of the American Solar Energy Society and is organized into regional chapters.

Design services for our Award Winning master plan were provided by Norris Design.

Our vision could not come to life without generous support from our Supporting Partners

City and County of Denver
Governor's Energy Office (GEO)
National Renewable Energy Lab
Greenprint Denver
Urban Land Institute
Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
Urban Farmers Collaborative
Earth Energy Solutions
A Village Environment
Drew Domoto Designs
YRG Sustainability Consultants
Denver Clean Cities
Colorado Shade Sail Co.
Green Spaces
Feed Denver
Denver B-cycle

Contact Us

  • Chris Parr
    Denver Housing Authority
    777 Grant Street, 6th Fl
    Denver, CO 80203