Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a famous person in the business world having specialized in real estate development. He was born between 1952 to 1953 and is of Emirate nationality. Later in his life, he got lucky and was given a scholarship by the government to study at the University of Washington. He managed to obtain a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University. Due to his qualifications, he got employed in different companies. His first job was in the financial department of Abu Dhabi gas industries. He worked there for a period of two years and later ventured into the catering business.

Hussain Sajwani served customers from the U.S military and Bechtel. His catering business soon became a success and is still in operating even today where it is known as the Global Logistics Services. After starting his catering business, Hussain Sajwani still did not feel that he had accomplished his purpose. His main interest was in the real estate business where he has a passion for building and developing real estates. Later in 2002, he was successful in forming his own company known as DAMAC properties which a company that focuses on real estate building and development.

The company has been nothing but successful and has been ranked as among the largest property development companies in the Middle East. DAMAC properties have kept a record of positive results and have managed to develop nearly 19000 apartments and over 44000 units under different levels of development. DAMAC properties have been successful in carrying out various projects like designing of a golf course which is managed by Donald Trump’s organization, the building of luxury apartments with the latest and most fashionable designs, the building of luxury villas styled by Bugatti and so many more projects.

The DAMAC owner invested a sum of $600 million in London and because of this, he was ranked as one of the most influential Arabs worldwide. His prolific leadership skills and his passion and dedication in real estate is what has made DAMAC properties one of the fastest developing companies in the world as ranked by Forbes. The DAMAC owner has also won a number of awards due to his exemplary achievements.

Hyland’s is the Leading Homeopathic Brand and Tablets Can Help Ease Teething Pain

Hyland’s teething tablets are gone, but they’ve been replaced with an even better product known as the Oral Pain Relief tablets. These tablets relieve many of the discomforts that a baby experiences when teething, including swollen gums and pain. Parents trust this product to work as promised without any unwanted side effects. They know that Hyland’s is a top homeopathic brand that’s surpassed expectations for over 100 years already. And, these facts help them appreciate the brand even more.


Hyland’s Brand Products Work Great


Choosing the Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief tablets for your baby is a wise decision. The tablets are made using natural ingredients that are safe and effective but that won’t cause any side effects to the baby. It is important to protect your bundle of joy at all costs. These safe tabs ensure that your baby is never at-risk. Additional reasons to use these tabs to alleviate your baby’s oral health pain:


– The tabs are safe to use by newborn babies.

No artificial ingredients

– Tabs are easy to use. Simply put one in baby’s mouth and it dissolves within seconds.

– Available without a prescription over-the-counter

– Safe to use each day



Trust the Hyland’s Name As so Many Others Have Over the Years


Hyland’s is a name that you can trust to deliver exceptional products that keep your baby safe. That’s been their goal since they first began offering their health solutions so long ago. Why take risks with the other brands when it is easy to get the Hyland’s quality in your home and leave worries behind?

Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets for Parents Peace of Mind & Baby’s Teething and Oral Discomfort

Are the Oral Pain Relief tablets from Hyland’s worth using to treat your baby’s oral health concerns? Most parents agree there isn’t a better product out there to handle the job. Hyland’s is a name that parents have come to trust over the years. After 100 years on the market, it comes easily. These tablets are designed to stop the pain associated with teething and many other oral health issues that could cause the baby to experience discomfort, pain, and other problems.


Meet the Top Homeopathic Brand on the Market


Hyland’s is a brand that sells their products OTC. They’re all made with natural ingredients that do not cause bad side effects or risks. Parents have better assurance in such a product. Hyland’s stands behind all of the products they sell and you can trust the Oral Pain Relief tablets to do what they promise when they promise. Hyland’s is a trusted name in teething products and while this product isn’t designed just for this problem, it certainly works well to eliminate the pain and discomfort.


Easy to use Tabs for Fast Relief


Simply place a tab in baby’s mouth and it dissolves and starts to take action within seconds. The tablets work to stop pan and oral health discomfort, swollen gums, and many other concerns. No product works faster than the Hyland’s brand, nor is there one that is safer to use. If you are a parent, you should look at the nearest drug store to obtain the Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief tabs for your bundle of joy. The Hyland’s brand and these tabs wont let you down!

U.S. Money Reserve Has Recently Launched Into Another Series Of Outstanding Coins

In the United States as well as worldwide, U.S.  Reserve as a reputation as being an authority in the area of gold. This prestigious firm holds the standing of being a world leader in the distribution of coinage that is issued by governments.

The company’s origins go back to its 2001 founding and since then, U.S. Money Reserve has been on a steady track of growth which has led it to the status of being a company that investors trust when they are looking to diversify their investment portfolios with valuable gold, silver and platinum coinage. Connect with US Money Reserve on LinkedIn

A large portion of the success of U.S. Money Reserve is due to the fact that its numismatic professionals are at the top of their field and the company has the knowledge of the government issued coin market that makes it an ideal distributor for these items. The company is well known to routinely exceed industry standards in terms of customer service.

U.S. Money Reserve operates an initiative that goes by the moniker of Legendary Precious Metals.

This initiative has recently released its most recent coin which is of a limited mintage. Read more:  US Money Reserve Gives to Harvey Relief | Spectrun Local News and US Money Reserve President to Hold Emergency Gold Conference | PR Newswire

The coin is known as the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series and it is inspired by the highly popular book and film series Harry Potter.

This exciting coin series release is the firm in an upcoming series of different types of commemorative coins that U.S. Reserve will be unveiling through its Legendary Precious Metals initiative.

This exciting new release has a limited mintage that comes to ten thousand coins in total.

The great thing about this series in terms of its marketability is that it appeals to Harry Potter fans but also fans of collectable coins in general. U.S. Money Reserve’s own John Rothans, the company’s chief of Numismatics is very proud of this coin release.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is set during the decade of the 1920s and is the latest bit of material from the Harry Potter world that is the creation of legendary author J.K. Rowling. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

It is now possible to visit the website for the initiative known as Legendary Precious Metals to find out more about this exciting new release from the dedicated folks at U.S. Money Reserve. The company prides itself on distributing the finest precious metals coins available on the market today.

How Susan McGalla Boosted Revenue For The Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, business executive. In February 2015 she joined the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL organization as its new vice president of business strategy and creative development. She has conceived of and executed a number of initiatives that have resulting in significantly boosting the amount of revenue this team generates. One of these is the Steelers Nation Unite loyalty program which comes with great rewards and exclusive benefits for its members.

Since Susan McGalla took over this position she has increased the team’s revenues by an amazing 50 percent. The loyalty program has become the top one in the sports industry and she has fostered a number of positive community relationships. The Steelers eCommerce website has become highly successful due to her leadership and business acumen as well.

Prior to arriving at this NFL team, Susan McGalla’s background was in retail and working as an independent consultant. She was once the chief merchandising officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., a company she worked at for 15 years. During her time with this company, their annual revenues grew from $340 million to around $3 billion. She increased the number of brands offered by this company from one to four and when she left it in 2009 it had more than 1,000 stores and around 28,000 employees.

She is a graduate of Mount Union College, earning a bachelor of arts degree in marketing in 1986. Susan McGalla has spent her entire life living in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Sheldon Lavin The Giant Name In The Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin path in the meat industry has been a long success story since he started in the financing department of Otto and Sons in the year 1970. He now works as the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Besides this, he is the president of OSI International Food Ltd. He has managed to engineer significant changes to the corporation spearheading to an international food supplier.

Sheldon Lavin first started by organizing the finances of Otto and Sons which was the original name of OSI Ltd. He got more involved in the company in 1975 when they were sourcing for funds to invest abroad. This saw Sheldon get appointed as a partner together with the two sons of Mr. Otto. He later agreed to join the daily operations of the company by becoming the CEO of the OSI Group.

The works of Sheldon Lavin have not gone unrecognized as he has received various awards all praising his achievements and success. One such award was given by India’s Vision World Academy where he was presented with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Sheldon is very committed and works towards ensuring that the company grows into the most prominent organization worldwide.


Through his guidance, OSI continues to expand throughout the globe which has seen become a full partner. The first partner retired a while back and was later followed by the other partners which saw Lavin earned a 100% voting power. He says that his primary aim for the company has been to build something that was extraordinarily big. Lavin says that if he didn’t believe that he could do that he would not have stayed on in the company.

Today, Lavin is in his early 80S and has extensive knowledge of the industry which he has accumulated over the four decades of hard work in the industry. He says that diversifying the business has been and will continue to be the most exciting part of his career. With more than 60 facilities across different locations in the world, he says that he is happy about the success of the business, but he is still looking to grow even further.


If you are thinking about starting in the food processing industry, there is no better person to seek guidance than Sheldon Lavin. His success speaks volumes about this.

A little bit about Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the founder and still owns an insurance marketing company based in Fresno called Managed Benefits Services. This company deals with dental and health insurance marketing, consultation and leads. It has however expanded to Southern California and still concentrates on consulting and lead management.


Krishen Iyer graduated from the University of San Diego State and is famous for his expertise in entrepreneurship and vast experience in client relations, digital marketing, and technical development. He has been a California resident for a long time, and some of his hobbies include reading, traveling, and spending time with family. Iyer loves playing tennis, chess and sets aside some of his free time to serve the local community beautification activities. Krishen Iyer who owns the Iyer Real Estate Co., not only concentrates in his companies but also contributes to charitable events in the society. Some of the charities he’s in the past donated to are, Make-a-Wish and in Haiti when an earthquake that affected the nation hit.


MNP Insurance better known as Name my Premium was the first company that Krishen Iyer founded in the Insurance field. The company registered significant growth that led to its inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list back in 2015. The MBS original name was Quick Link Marketing. MBS deals with clients in a bid to help them create leads for their companies. Additionally, it is a licensed insurance agency and marketing organization. The company makes use of the quality systematic process to develop leads that have a high potential of becoming a client’s customer. It also gives leads that would possibly increase sales even to companies whose target is a niche market.


Krishen Iyer loves asking questions and is always looking for new means to make his business progress and satisfy his clients’ needs. On an average day, he starts with meeting his clients and seeks solutions to their needs for the remaining part of the day.


Read more on him on ForexReport.

Matt Badiali shows investors how to make money with Freedom Checks

When Matt Badiali introduced the concept of Freedom Checks in a viral video in early this year, many people were left wondering what the whole thing was all about. Badiali is one of the people who has shown that he can meet the needs of the average investors by offering them good opportunities, the biggest problem that he faced after introducing this video was that few people knew who he was. Believing a man who they only encountered for their first time through a video that was promising to help them make a lot of money in a short time proved hard.

Many investors ignored this opportunity because they thought it was just another of the many scams that we are witnessing in recent years, the number of scams have gone up significantly, and as a result, many investors are opting to stay out of opportunities they do not understand well. Matt Badiali’s idea faced challenges, but even as some assume ignored it, many others still managed to go ahead with the investment. Those who made the investments are the ones who have seen the benefits of following Matt Badiali. He has shown them that the opportunities in the financial sector are limitless as long as they can look up for the credibility of the information they are getting.

Through the Freedom Checks, Matt has introduced an investment idea that will benefit a lot of people. It is an idea that has shown everything is possible in the industry. Many people have made huge returns from the operations they have had in the market. These are the people who took the advice given by Matt Badiali seriously.

Freedom Checks is an idea that was drawn from the opportunities that were created by the oil and gas sectors. According to Matt Badiali, changes in the industry will force demand to shift to the local companies. American companies which adhere to Statute 26-F will be making huge returns since they do not pay taxes. Matt Badiali had applied expertise to come up with the theory supporting this system.

William Saito Believes Failure Is The Best Teacher About Williams Saito

Williams Saito started early with his innovative projects. He created an entire software technology company right from his dorm room while attending the University of California, Riverside. Later in 1998 he was labeled entrepreneur of the year by USA Today, Ernst & Young, and NASDAQ. Since receiving his new title he has been a principal investor in over 25 startup businesses.


Always A Leader

William Saito has been on the front lines of leadership in the technology industry. He has held several leadership roles as an advisor for Chertoff Group, World Economic Forum, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He also acted as the main advisor to his Japanese Cabinet and to Prime Minister Abe.


For several years, Williams Saito has been involved in disruptive technologies with cloud computing and network security as well as C-level G2000. He is considered the main authority by many cyber-technology platforms and he is a thought leader.


Reaching Success From Failure

Williams Saito has the belief that a company can be tested by finding failure from its early days. He believes that risking and failing can teach lessons that promote success very quickly. William Saito is a professor. He teaches at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management as well as at the University of California, Riverside.


On Years Of Schooling

William Saito says the best advice he can offer the newbies to this industry is to try and fail and then learn. He says failure is the best teacher. You fail and then you try again. He feels that ones can spend years in classrooms soaking up the studies and earning the degrees but that’s not really learning.


He suggests newbies get an internship, go overseas, start a company, get on the exchange and do something different than the others in the field. From a broader standpoint, he says if the classes were set up to have the student make up failing opportunities it would not be their downfall creatively or financially. He agrees with the idea of walking into a top university or prestigious program is hard, but he says it’s important that you have a different attitude while in the program.


Students must keep in mind that they were accepted with potential, not expertise. Being in school is the best and most important time to learn things, network, continuously fails and have none of it make a permanent effect.

The Fight Against The Mental Illness Continues: The Annual Fountain House Fall Fete

The fight against mental illness is an ongoing battle that many individuals have decided to take on and fight. With over 20 million people in the United States affected every year, there is cause for concern when these same individuals are neglected and rejected because of their illness.

Fountain House has done a very great job in reducing the impact of the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Every year hundreds of people that have serious mental illness have chosen to work with the fountain house to learn new skills and create better friendships.

This is not the only result that comes from such a partnership. Gaining access to opportunities is another benefit of partnering with Fountain House. Each staff member of the Fountain House contributes to helping those with mental illness achieve employment, wellness, and various housing programs as well.

This very model that Fountain House has created is duplicated in over 400 locations in 30 countries. More than 30 States have this same model. There are over 50,000 people with mental illness worldwide that are being served by the Fountain House model. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

By constantly battling mental illness and the stigma that comes from having it, the conversations surrounding recovery from mental health conditions are being held with confidence. The annual fall fete is designed to introduce new professionals to the model that Fountain House has created. These same individuals will take up the fight against mental illness and help those recover from the stigma associated with it.

One of the Chairs of the event is Mr. Jeremy Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein is an attorney at law, and he specializes in advising compensation committees and CEOs in executive compensation and other such matters. Jeremy started his professional career as a partner at a large law firm in New York. This is where he learned to litigate and use the powers of reason and logic to win the day. His educational background is impressive as well. He has an M.A. from the University of Chicago.

He obtained his J.D. from the New York University School of LAw. This did not end his journey of educational excellence as he then obtained his B.A. cum laude from Cornell University. This was done with distinction in all subjects. This was the beginning of a successful career that would assist others in many ways. Mr. Goldstein is the example of dedication and passion to a vision and the spirit of never giving up.

Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and