Jake Gottlieb Biography

Jacob Gottlieb is a hedge fund manager based in NYC who in 2001, earned a CFA from the Investment Management and Research Association. Jacob earned a Bachelor degree in economics from Brown University and an MD from NYU medical school.


After completing university, Jacob successfully did an internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York. Jacobs ongoing fascination with stock markets made him leave the medical trade and pursue his trading dreams.


In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb started and served as the Chief Investment Officer and managing partner of Visium Asset Management. Before starting Visium, Jacob was an investment portfolio assistant at Merlin Financial in London and a founding executive at Balyasny Asset Management, Jacob was also a buy-side analyst for the company Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Gottlieb is a thoughtful leader who possesses unique insights on the way people can choose the correct career choice. Jacob has said that hedge fund managers and medical professionals share the same traits sometimes. He thinks that stockbrokers and doctors are both risk managers as well risk takers. Gottlieb has stated that doctors have to have expert planning skills with the skills to think about issues in the most practical way. Jacob Gottlieb shared his thought that practitioners should eliminate the risk involved for patients before they encounter more medical problems.



Jacob Gottlieb is Native of Brooklyn who grew up with his younger brothers. Jacobs dad and mom were immigrants to the United States from Poland in the 60s. Jacobs father, Max Gottlieb, is a City University New York Economics Professor and Jacobs mom Helena is a renown pediatrician. Because of this upbringing with two parents with degrees in the very different fields economics and medicine, Jacob was intrigued by both professions.


Jacob Gottlieb is actively involved with many charitable organizations such as Covenant House, which serves Millions of children each day. For 40 years, Covenant House has helped young homeless people and is a major and vital human rights movement devoted to helping trafficked youth and children who are on the streets in over 30 cities in six countries.


Madison Street Capital Wins the 16th Annual Award for M & A Advisor

In 2017, Madison Street Capital bagged the 16th Annual award for M& A. The M & A Advisor made the announcement. The event was hosted at The Metropolitan Club in New York City. The award was based on Madison’s ability to monitor and evaluate deals by predicting the economic viability. In this case, Madison Street Capital had just sealed a transaction between WLR Automotive and its partner.


The Event


Regarding the award, David Ferguson, the head cheerleader of M&A Advisor said that since 2002, the organization has been awarding the best dealmakers in the industry. In a list of 650 competitors, Madison Street Capital was the leading performer of the year. He added that the organization was elated to award Madison Street Capital given the team of professionals involved in the company.


Leader’s Input


Charles Botchway, the head cheerleader who serves as the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital said that the company was elated to bag an award amidst the 650 companies that competed for the same position. Charles added that his team would provide high-quality services given the clientele. That was also an additional reason for Madison’s reward. Charles congratulated WLR Automotive and said that Barry Peterson assisted in achieving the dream.




Aside from that, Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for the industry’s boutique investment company of the year. The event was also held at the same venue. Over 500 participants attended the summit. These participants included industry stalwarts, academic giants, media personalities and executive leaders like chief executive officers and managers. Some of the top performing companies were also awarded.




Madison Street Capital is a financial services company. The head office is located in Chicago, Illinois. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of sensitive, corporate, finance, mergers and acquisition services. Madison prides itself on being a leader in the provision of financing and capitalization structures. Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals that understand the value of providing competent customer care services. The company has a vast team of excellent service delivery teams to match the demands of clients.


Additional Information


Madison Street Capital is a proud company that draws a full skill unit that provides financial services to clients. The company has branches across Asia, America in addition to Africa. This is a reflection of Madison’s ability to serve different people simultaneously. Madison Street Capital deals with the following transactions:

  • Hedge fund management
  • Private Equity
  • Fund administration
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Business management
  • Financial reporting


Additional Information


Madison Street Capital understands that experience is an essential skill in business. The company, having an experienced team, provides a range of competent services in different industries. Madison Street Capital prides itself on having a stellar reputation, an aspect that the company uses to retain clients.


Visit https://www.pr.com/press-release/736511 to learn more.

Anthony Petrello, The CEO With A Big Heart

Anthony Petrello got through school and joined the Yale University as a Bachelor of Science student in mathematics by virtue of his hard work and determination which won him a public scholarship. He then proceeded to study for his master’s degree at the same institution. Anthony also attended Harvard University school of law and graduated with a law degree. Petrello started off his career with Baker and Mckenzie, a law firm in New York where he served as a managing partner. He then shifted to Stewart and Stevenson, LLC on the 28th of February 2011 working as the director.

Anthony joined Nabors industry limited in 1991 as the president of the organization. Nabors Company Limited as of now is serving as the holding company of the Canadian based Nabors exchange company incorporation. He has been the chief executive of the company as from October 28th, 2011. Petrello has also worked for Nabors as the chief operations officer, where he was able to build up the company by taking it offshore. One of the biggest strides made by the company. Petrello served on the board of Nabors industry as the deputy chairman from June 2012.

Nabors industry limited is a company that is recognized worldwide as the largest company dealing with oil and gas and was founded in 1952. Nabors industry is situated in Bermuda and Houston, Texas. It boasts of an employee base of over 30,000. Petrello oversaw one of the company’s largest acquisition in 2010 when it acquired Superior well services and their fracking technology. The company has been instrumental in setting the pace for other oil and gas companies, and it has witnessed tremendous growth under the leadership of Anthony, with the sale of shares going up by over 180%.

As successful as Anthony is he still has the heart to give back to the society. He donated $50 million to the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas children’s hospital which opened its doors in 2010. He identifies so much with the patients. He also gave $150,000 to Yale University as a commemoration for Serge Lang, a professor who passed on. The funds were to appreciate the students that outdid themselves in mathematics.

Search more about Tony Petrello: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/30/my-college-roommate-is-now-the-richest-ceo-in-america.html

Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet As Part Of New Services

Securus Technologies, a well-known company in the prison communications sector recently announced the acquisition of GovPayNet, a notable debit and credit card payment method that is used by a number of Government operated companies. The acquisition was part of Securus Technologies’ recent plan for expansion of services that they provide. With this acquisition, Securus Technologies will now be able to provide their customers with a more secure and easy way to make payments for the services that inmates are using. This will streamline the entire process, giving customers a quick and easy step by step way to conduct the monetary transactions that they were conducting per month.


Securus Technologies has been one of the top prison communications service providers for the past few years. The company offers a range of voice and video calling services that inmates can use to get in touch with their friends and family. The inmates are required to adhere to the terms of use of these services.


To prevent the misuse of the services that Securus Technologies provides, the company decided to install an internal monitoring system which prisons can use to keep track of all the conversations that are going on between the prisoners and the person who they are talking to. This allows them to prevent any misuse of the services provided for criminal activity. Prisons all over the country who have come to know of the services that Securus Technologies provides are choosing to opt-in for what they provide over other service providers, because of the efficiency it provides, and because of how easily one can monitor the inmates.


To prevent the unauthorized use of outside phones, which are different from the ones provided by Securus Technologies, the company decided to install network jammers, which prevents cell phones from attaining service inside the prisons.



The Keys To The Success Of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a successful businessman who founded the company IDLife. He is someone who is much sought after as a speaker and he is an author. He is the kind of person who many admire and look up to, and there are many keys to his success.

There are some who demand a busy lifestyle but Logan Stout is someone who believes that it is important for a person to live simply. One of the keys to him getting to where he is today is the fact that he believes that an individual should live in a simple way. Living simply is something that he feels can be beneficial to anyone.

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Logan Stout is a great leader because he truly cares about others. There are many people out there who only care about their own needs and who do not want to hear about others who have needs. Logan Stout is someone who cares about others and who is always looking to affect the lives of others. He believes that it is important for a person to give in a generous way as they go about their life.

Faith is something that is important to some and not so important to others. Logan Stout is someone who starts his day with a quiet time. He is someone who has shared that he believes that a person should pray daily. He has shared that a book that he recommends to everyone is the Bible. He is someone who holds tight to his faith and that has helped him to find success.

Logan Stout believes that it is important for a person to have the right team backing them. He has shared that a person will only find success if they have the right kind of people backing them. He knows all about finding success, and he knows the people surrounding an individual will affect the work of that individual. Logan Stout is also a former baseball player. He is also a keynote speaker, author, philanthropist.

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Jeunesse Global Creates Revolutionary Weight-Loss System

Jeunesse Global has quickly become one of the biggest names on the international health and beauty scene. Having been founded just nine years ago, the company has grown to become a billion-dollar enterprise, selling hundreds of millions of dollars in products each year and counting tens of thousands of independent distributors among its ranks.

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The dynamic couple had been responsible for the creation of dozens of other successful startups, amassing a small fortune in the process and giving them the option to live a life of leisure. However, even as the couple aged into their 70s, they decided against ever really getting out of business. Their personal drive and desire to create great products and work with fun people in building some of the best businesses in direct marketing proved to have an allure too strong to ignore.

After having attempted briefly to make the big plunge into a retired lifestyle of golf courses and grandkids, the couple decided to start yet another company as a means to pass the idle hours. This small effort, which began with Wendy Lewis selling a few products out of the couple’s expansive Florida home, ended up becoming Jeunesse Global.

One of the secrets to the company’s success has been its ability to fill niche market demand with great products. For instance, the company’s weight-loss product, the Zen 8 Project, has taken the world of health and beauty by storm. This comprehensive weight-loss system is built around established, rigorous science, not some gimmicky sales line and dubious supplements.

Designed with the help of one of the world’s foremost fitness experts, the Zen 8 Project also contains a specially formulated fat-burning product that allows for faster recovery times and visibly stronger results from workouts. Of course, the Zen 8 Project is based around the user’s ability to complete the sometimes-challenging workout routines. But users who have followed the program have experienced truly remarkable results, often meeting their total weight-loss goals within just a few months.

The Zen 8 Project is available solely through Jeunesse Global distributors.

The life of Ian King and crypto trading.

Ian King has been in the business industry for more than twenty years. He is a professional cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur who has experience in performing trades as well as analyzing financial markets.

Ian grew up in Jersey shore where he worked as a lifesaver in the busy beach of Belmar. This task enabled him to analyze situations and trust the decisions he made to take control of a situation. This was a firm foundation for trading and Ian felt he was in for the trial.

Although he studied psychology in college, Ian used his free time to learn about the trade. He was trading dot-com stocks and his skills in analyzing trends were exceptional. After graduation, he went for an internship in Merrill Lynch.

His career has pushed his passion for the crypto asset market. His skills and knowledge in this sector have given him an opportunity to work with the Investopedia. Ian has also launched a program that is very innovative and helps investors on a daily basis to navigate bit coin, ripple, litecoin, monero among other crypto assets. This has enabled many people to make a living out of trading.

Ian began his career at Salomon’s Brothers as a desk clerk in the mortgage bonding trading department. He worked hard and contributed a lot to the company. Later, he joined Citigroup on to the credit derivatives. His dedication was significant in the firm because its operation improved a great deal. View more on Ian King at talkmarkets.com for more updates.

For all the years he worked, Ian King knew that trading was his field of joy. After working for Citigroup, he moved to Peahi Capital where he was the head of trading. Ian felt complete because his dream was finally coming true. He exploited the skills he had learned to make the decisions during trading and the revenue improved drastically.

Ian thought of sharing his ideas with the people out there willing to join trading. He joined Banyan Publishing in 2017 where he advises readers on various issues concerning the crypto market. He has a weekly column on the Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily. The readers are able to gather the latest information on crypto developments thus helping them during trading.

Throughout his career, Ian has focused on helping people understand they can invest In the crypto assets market. Those who have used his guidelines can attest that crypto trading is rewarding. Visit:https://medium.com/@iankingguru


Dr. David Samadi Brings Change in Urology

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned urologist who takes pride in helping male patients suffering from prostate cancer. His passion to help other people who suffered medically started when he was a small boy and he knew that he definitely wanted to work in the field of medicine.

After completing his medical studies, David was employed at a hospital where he treated men with prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi could always get frustrated in the process used to carry out the treatment as it was slower than what he expected. The side effects that patients got motivated him to look for better methods of treatment.

While still working at the hospital, David Samadi heard of the technology that France was using to treat the male cancer. He got lucky enough to go to France and learnt on the technology as he gained some experience on it. He later went back to the US where he borrowed the knowledge to create Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, a technology which was not popular in the US and it was what made his career to boom.

The new technique that David Samadi used did not have adverse side effects as compared to the traditional methods used to treat this type of cancer. The technology is quick and enables him to carry out several procedures in a week. Through offering quality and satisfying services, he is able to gain trust in patients who in return refer other patients to him. Thus, he does not have to market himself to get clients but his work does the marketing for him. He believes in relaxing when one feel tired and he takes some time to relax before carrying out the next surgery to avoid occurrence of errors.

Dr. David Samadi makes use of diagrams whenever he has an idea. This helps him not to forget it and no matter the time of the day the idea comes in, he always draw it. He then finds an able team to put life to the idea. He received his medical education at the School of Medicine in Stony Brook and got his training at College of Medicine of Albert Einstein and Medical Center of Montefiore where he sharpened his skills in urology. Ever since, he has had many accomplishments such as working as a professor of urology at the school of Medicine in Hofstra North Shore-LIJ.

He has appeared on the Fox News where he used to talk about different topics related to health and currently holds a radio show that focuses on health. He also writes his blogs on different topics about surgery.

To know more visit the @ www.instagram.com/drdavidsamadi/?hl=en

Dick DeVos and Nonstop Activism

1991 in Grand Rapids, Michigan was abuzz with discussion about the potential construction of a sizable convention and sporting venue. The arena was supposed to be relatively close to downtown. Dick DeVos at that time was on the verge of securing a leadership position with the Amway Corporation. Discussion of the construction of this venue made him unhappy. That’s precisely why he made the decision to get in contact with influential people who could discourage it. He began ardently rallying against the project. DeVos took issue with the whole concept. He thought that it could hurt downtown Grand Rapids significantly. Building the Palace of Auburn Hills wasn’t a great thing for Detroit, Michigan. Building the Pontiac Silverdome proved to be problematic for the metropolis more than a decade back, too. DeVos didn’t want his beloved Grand Rapids to have the same exact fate. He got a lot of insight by paying careful attention to the effects these construction projects had on Detroit.


DeVos worked hard to keep this possible arena construction project at bay. His strong effort paved the way for the development of a group that was called Grand Action. Grand Action consisted of prominent businesspersons who were enthusiastic about the establishment of Van Andel Arena. They were passionate about the DeVos Performance Hall and the DeVos Place Convention Center as well. People in the city believed that the addition of these structures affected its appearance and feel. They believed firmly that these structures also influenced the path it was taking.


Dick DeVos was born Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. in the autumn of 1955. He’s a driven entrepreneur who has been key to the launching of many businesses over the years. He’s also a motivated author who has a strong background in writing. DeVos went to Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. That’s where he got his business administration bachelor of arts degree. Other schools he went to are the Wharton School and Harvard Business School. He’s been provided with the distinction of numerous honorary doctorates as well. These doctorates come from Northwood University, Central Michigan University and Grove City College.Learn more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/09/dick_devos_tapped_for_faas_top.html


He’s been married to a widely known lady by the name of Betsy for a while now. She, like him, is also a busy figure in the world of political activism. They’re the two individuals who set up The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. It focuses on many diverse topics.

Securus Technologies walks fine line, delivers quality for both inmates and guards

In the world of prison communications provision, to be successful, it is necessary to balance the often diametrically opposed interests of both the main customer groups that a company serves. Because it is necessary to deliver a quality product to both the prisoners and the guards tasked with keeping them under control, providing services in the U.S. prison system can often be one of the most challenging businesses that there are.


But Securus Technologies has risen to the occasion, providing end products that satisfy the needs of both prisoners and those tasked with guarding them. Throughout the United States, prisoners have raved about the high quality and low cost of technologies such as the video visitation system provided by Securus. This system has enabled hundreds of thousands of inmates across the country to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside of prison. Throughout most of the country, Securus has been able to accomplish this, while keeping the average rate for outgoing phone calls down to just $0.15 per minute.


On the other hand, Securus creates products that enable prison guards to carry out their job more easily and effectively than ever before. For example, the video visitation system that is so popular among inmates also has some of the most advanced security features of any civilian communications application currently in existence.


Using proprietary technology, Securus has developed sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that can monitor all calls taking place over an entire prison’s communication systems. The system is able to automatically alert officers if any suspicious communications are taking place, including the recognition of banned parties or known criminals as well as inmates who are using code language that may be indicative of criminal activity.


Some of the ways in which Securus walks the fine line between giving guards what they want and prisoners what they need.