Jeunesse Global Creates Revolutionary Weight-Loss System

Jeunesse Global has quickly become one of the biggest names on the international health and beauty scene. Having been founded just nine years ago, the company has grown to become a billion-dollar enterprise, selling hundreds of millions of dollars in products each year and counting tens of thousands of independent distributors among its ranks.

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The dynamic couple had been responsible for the creation of dozens of other successful startups, amassing a small fortune in the process and giving them the option to live a life of leisure. However, even as the couple aged into their 70s, they decided against ever really getting out of business. Their personal drive and desire to create great products and work with fun people in building some of the best businesses in direct marketing proved to have an allure too strong to ignore.

After having attempted briefly to make the big plunge into a retired lifestyle of golf courses and grandkids, the couple decided to start yet another company as a means to pass the idle hours. This small effort, which began with Wendy Lewis selling a few products out of the couple’s expansive Florida home, ended up becoming Jeunesse Global.

One of the secrets to the company’s success has been its ability to fill niche market demand with great products. For instance, the company’s weight-loss product, the Zen 8 Project, has taken the world of health and beauty by storm. This comprehensive weight-loss system is built around established, rigorous science, not some gimmicky sales line and dubious supplements.

Designed with the help of one of the world’s foremost fitness experts, the Zen 8 Project also contains a specially formulated fat-burning product that allows for faster recovery times and visibly stronger results from workouts. Of course, the Zen 8 Project is based around the user’s ability to complete the sometimes-challenging workout routines. But users who have followed the program have experienced truly remarkable results, often meeting their total weight-loss goals within just a few months.

The Zen 8 Project is available solely through Jeunesse Global distributors.

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