Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet As Part Of New Services

Securus Technologies, a well-known company in the prison communications sector recently announced the acquisition of GovPayNet, a notable debit and credit card payment method that is used by a number of Government operated companies. The acquisition was part of Securus Technologies’ recent plan for expansion of services that they provide. With this acquisition, Securus Technologies will now be able to provide their customers with a more secure and easy way to make payments for the services that inmates are using. This will streamline the entire process, giving customers a quick and easy step by step way to conduct the monetary transactions that they were conducting per month.


Securus Technologies has been one of the top prison communications service providers for the past few years. The company offers a range of voice and video calling services that inmates can use to get in touch with their friends and family. The inmates are required to adhere to the terms of use of these services.


To prevent the misuse of the services that Securus Technologies provides, the company decided to install an internal monitoring system which prisons can use to keep track of all the conversations that are going on between the prisoners and the person who they are talking to. This allows them to prevent any misuse of the services provided for criminal activity. Prisons all over the country who have come to know of the services that Securus Technologies provides are choosing to opt-in for what they provide over other service providers, because of the efficiency it provides, and because of how easily one can monitor the inmates.


To prevent the unauthorized use of outside phones, which are different from the ones provided by Securus Technologies, the company decided to install network jammers, which prevents cell phones from attaining service inside the prisons.



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