Sussex Health Care Is Making A Difference In The UK

Sussex Health Care Centres & Support Services has been around for 25 years and still going strong. Headquarters located in Horsham, West Sussex, UK it is accessible by a good amount of the population. Being the main residential and nursing care facility for Sussex, they offer support for the older generation experiencing issues with aging which include dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also, Sussex Health Care extends their services for any adult with physical and learning disabilities.

They are set up with 20 homes to help carry out their services and reach more people. In 1985 the first home was built and since then they have grown being able to provide more that 580 beds. Sussex Health Care has been very successful at focusing on the required care of each individual. They are set up for continued success by making sure their team is well trained and purposefully dedicated to providing high quality service. Because of this they have won numerous clinical excellence awards. The Hospitality Accreditation Quality Unit and the Hospitality Assured Accreditation was awarded to them as well.


The homes built were intended for individuals to feel like they are at a home away from home by offering the latest technology, improved quality of life and space for peace if needed. In addition, the homes are set up to cater to educational needs and constant activities. And what brings everything together is fresh food. Meals are prepared with local ingredients and cooked with each individual in mind.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the CEO of Sussex Health Care and she makes sure that the needs of the residents are top priority. Because of this there is always room for team members that strive to make a difference within the industry. Some of the jobs that are open with Sussex include RN’s, Care Assistant, Support worker’s, Cleaner’s, Payroll supervisor and Kitchen Assistant. Any of these position’s can be applied for directly at their website

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