Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics in Providing Targeted Therapies for Patients

Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics in Providing Targeted Therapies for Patients

Seattle Genetics was established to develop and commercialize innovative and empoweredantibody-based therapies in order to treat cancer. This company is centrally situated in Bothell, Washington and is the industry leader of anti-body drug conjugates, a technology created to harness the eradication of cancer cells by killing the agents. These antibody-drug conjugates are made to kill targeted cells thereby reducing the toxic effects of conventional chemotherapy. Simultaneously, the therapy should enhance antitumor activity.


The foundation of Seattle Genetics rests with Clay Siegall. He is also the CEO and has overseen the management of the firm since it was established. He is an alumnus of The University of Maryland where he attained his bachelor of science in zoology. This was followed by a course in genetics from the prestigious George Washington University.

Targeted Therapies

Since the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Seagall has guided the firm towards the leading apex of targeted therapies in creating the first FDA-approved drug conjugate. Today, it has earned multiple approvals from different healthcare practises. Under his leadership, the company has also developed a robust pipeline of drugs with a string of major partnerships from drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer, and others.

Leadership Roles

Moreover, Clay Siegall has grown Seattle Genetics by making it the hub of researchers. The organization will likely launch more drugs in the next three years. With this expanding list of drugs, it is going to be possible for the company to partner with more pharmaceuticals in order to increase the potential indications for its existence. Other than that, the firm’s flagship product called Adcetris is commercially available in over 65 countries including Japan and the U.S.


Siegall believes that there should be newer treatment methods for cancer. And unlike in the past where there are systemic chemotherapies, the future should be dedicated to finding instrumental treatment methods and therapies. The older therapies should be replaced with the new ones. To expand its clinical therapies, the organization is conducting clinical developmental programs to evaluate therapeutic potentials in earlier stages of its approved indications. Clay Siegall continues to cheerlead the development of drugs and therapies.

Graeme Holm Is The Director Of Infinity Group Australia Where He Helps Change People’s Financial Situations

Graeme Holm helped to startup Infinity Group Australia with the goal of helping Australians to make their financial situation better. The company puts its customers first and works to reduce their debt and manage their money. Holm has admitted that one of his biggest challenges in his industry is finding other people who are passionate and skilled at helping people with these issues. He has suggested that entrepreneurs should work in a field they are passionate about and that they should focus on their core objectives rather than constantly searching for something else to add on to what they offer. He also believes entrepreneurs should offer valuable services or something of great value for free, because this can lead customers towards paying for other services or products.


Graeme Holm is the Director of Infinity Group Australia and has also received the honor of being named an MBA Top 100 Broker. He has been racking up experience in the financial services sector for more than 17 years and originally worked in a Big Four banking environment. It was during his time working with the Big Four that he begin to realize how their branded services and products weren’t helping regular, everyday Australians. He spent six months doing the research to develop a system that work with the people who needed it the most. The problem, he discovered, was that Australians had no continued support, solid advisers, or the kind of guidance they need to help pay their loans down quickly. Thanks to him, they do now.


Graeme Holm knows that most of the Australians who come to him for help are barely getting by financially. They are only making the minimum payments on their loans, which carry a 30-year term. His company created a new concept in the country and that is to offer ongoing support and guidance to clients during the entire time they are paying a loan back. He figures what he does is similar to what a personal trainer does for people’e health. In this way, he is kind of like a personal trainer for peoples’ financial health.


Graeme Holm has one habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. He makes a list of 5 transformational actions he wants to take the next day and makes a commitment before he goes to bed to do them. He doesn’t allow anything to stand in the way of getting these 5 things done. He has commented that doing this will help an individual to wake up the following day knowing that they are going to get plenty accomplished. The best thing to do, according to Graeme Holm, is to start every day dealing with the most difficult task first.

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