Dick Devos: Reformer and Philanthropist

In 1991, Dick DeVos decided to challenge the plan to put an all-purpose arena in Grand Rapid’s downtown area. With the help of a few other like-mined people, the idea was shot down. DeVos cited what happened to downtown Detroit when The Palace at Auburn Hills and The Pontiac Silverdome were abandoned by the Pistons and the Lions a few years earlier.


DeVos is a bonifide changemaker. The former Amway CEO has done a great deal to better the city since that time. The DeVos name carries a lot of weight. His father is the co-founder of Amway Products. DeVos served as company CEO from 1993-2002.


While DeVos was able to thwart the downtown plans, he was able to replace them with the building of Van Amdel Arena, a convention center that bears his family’s name and the Michigan State Medical School.


Not only does DeVos come from a great deal of wealth, his wife, current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, also comes from a family of billionaires. The combination of both families wields a great deal of power. The DeVoses wield a lot of political influence and enough money to shape policies affecting labor and education.


Both DeVoses worked in tandem: Mrs DeVos, to get more charter schools built and Mr. DeVos, to roll back organized labor and unions. In fact, Detroit, the birthplace of unions, is now a right-to-work state due to his efforts.


The DeVoses have used their foundation to fund the arts, education, churches, human services and other programs to the tune of $138 million.


The couple notably donated $12.5 million towards the building of the Spectrum Health System Children’s Hospital. The children’s hospital is a closer option for families who previously had to make longer drives to Ann Arbor and Chicago.


DeVos has always been big on education advocacy. In 2006, he sought to unseat incumbent Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. DeVos funded his own campaign, and it was a costly loss.


But even the loss didn’t stop DeVos from pushing charter schools. While he and his wife were unable to convince citizens to pay for charter schools using their tax dollars, they helped get some form of voucher programs implemented in 24 states.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Sheldon Lavin and the Success of OSI

OSI is one of the largest food production organizations in the world. It employs more than 20,000 employees in at least 65 facilities and has had tremendous growth worldwide. It delivers to major food companies, with McDonalds being one its most notable consumers.

The company started out as Otto & Sons, a small German butcher shop in the Chicago area. It was owned by an immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky, who sold meat to the residents of the city. Things began to change when a man named Sheldon Lavin, an investment manager and bank executive, gained a leading roll Otto & Sons He helped the company make the transition over from a small butcher shop to a successful corporate enterprise. He changed the company’s previous name to OSI and slowly stated outward expansion. In 1977, Sheldon Lavin opened a food production plant in West Jordan, Utah, which became the first one for the company that was located outside of Illinois. OSI continued to expand across the nation, before turning overseas to Germany, where it became a supplier for European food companies.

Another turning point for OSI was during 2001, when it started to expand by focusing on operations in China. Sheldon Lavin had learned that he was able to expand to a growing international market after China had entered the World Trade Organization during the time where it began to experience rapid economic growth. Within the past decade, OSI has increased efforts in China and has used Shanghai as a location of one its new culinary innovation centers.

Keeping to his promise, Sheldon Lavin continued improving technology in order to make his business more sustainable and environmentally friendly. He has been awarded the North American Meat Institute’s Award, the California Green Business Award, and the Global Visionary Award for his work with OSI. He has helped to grow the business while keeping in line with its original roots for providing good-quality at an affordable price.

Florida Emergency Rooms Look For Ways To Reduce Visits From Non-Urgent Patients

Statistics indicate that the emergency room is the go-to location for one-third of Americans when in need of medical care and this seems to hold true whether or not their needs are urgent in nature. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel works as a physician in the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida and has seen firsthand the result of overburdened emergency room due to overuse by patients with non-urgent healthcare needs.

Dr. Forsthoefel is of the opinion that overcrowded emergency rooms are due in a large part to the chronic lack of primary care experienced by many Americans. He says that emergency room personnel will attend to the needs of all patients that arrive regardless of the degree of urgency. This Forsthoefel says means that non-urgent patients will demand the same attention from nurses, support staff, techs, and doctors as patients that possess urgent care needs.

Dr. Forshoefel believes that this condition results in an emergency room staff that is stretched much too thin to assure the proper management of critically ill or injured individuals that are brought to hospitals. He says that this is a challenge that stresses the entire staff.

A study that was conducted by George Washington University examined the reasons behind emergency room overcrowding and to a large extent agreed with the reasons reported by Dr. Forsthoefel. The study’s subjects were 335 randomly selected patients that sought medical attention for minor issues at the emergency room at GWU.

Patients were surveyed that came to the hospital both with and without insurance and it was found that the high-income earners in the group chose the emergency room to seek medical attention for their non-emergency needs due to a feeling that consulting with a primary care provider would take too long. The low-income individuals that took part in the study cited that either they did not have a primary care physician or it was simply more convenient for them to show up at the nearest emergency room to get help for their medical needs.

Emergency room doctors like Dr. Forsthoefel took part in a Harris Interactive Poll back in 2005 regarding possible solutions to the overuse of emergency room services. Many of these physicians expressed a belief that primary care doctors and clinics could help to ease the burden on emergency care staff by offering more evening and weekend services to patients.

One common misconception that was dispelled by the studies is that the majority of overuse of emergency rooms is caused by uninsured individuals. This has been proven to be false and in Florida, it was observed that 80 percent of visitors to the state’s emergency rooms for non-urgent medical issues had medical insurance.

A long-term compilation of data by the American Medical Association that took place from 1950 to 2008 showed that the fear of medical bills made uninsured individuals much less likely to appear in hospital emergency rooms.

The available data, as well as physicians like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, seem to concur that the next step in the fight to reduce the need for emergency room staff to attend to non-urgent healthcare needs is for primary care clinics and other alternative providers for healthcare needs to become more convenient to use for a larger number of Americans.


Excellent Financial Solutions with Equities First Holdings

Equity first holdings was established in 2012 and is renowned for its excellent financial solutions and possibilities that it gives to its clients. This top global financial firm also excels in offering stock based loans, margin loans and shareholder financial services. It has aligned itself with leading law firms and popular banks to make the financial dreams of their clientele a reality.

In the year 2013, Equities First Holdings started an office in London. The UK Financial authority body has governed the London office and numerous loans that are worth billions of money have been conducted. Equities First Holdings prides in the London office for its success in helping people on a daily basis to access loans.

There are many loan lenders in the world but Equities First Holdings is believed to provide interest rates at the lowest level in this industry. That is why it is hard for other firms to compete with such a successful and competitive establishment.

Excellent Financial Solutions with Equities First Holdings

Equity first holdings was established in 2012 and is renowned for its excellent financial solutions and possibilities that it gives to its clients. This top global financial firm also excels in offering stock based loans, margin loans and shareholder financial services. It has aligned itself with leading law firms and popular banks to make the financial dreams of their clientele a reality.

In the year 2013, Equities First Holdings started an office in London. The UK Financial authority body has governed the London office and numerous loans that are worth billions of money have been conducted. Equities First Holdings prides itself for its success in helping people on a daily basis to access stock based loans.

There are many loan lenders in the world but Equities First Holdings is believed to provide interest rates at the lowest level in this industry. That is why it is hard for other firms to compete with such a successful and competitive establishment.

How Paul Mampilly Brings Expert Investing Advice to the Average Investor

Wall Street insiders seem to have an edge when it comes to investing. Now one former hedge fund manger is taking his insider skills to the average, everyday investor. That financial expert Paul Mampilly, has generated a large following through his incisive newsletters.

In a recent interview with Inspiry, Paul Mampilly discussed his journey from Wall Street to Mail Street. When Mr. Mampilly asked about his unique edge in helping the everyday investor, the investing expert pointed to his broad range of experience as a former an analysis, money manager, and trader. Also, Mr. Mampilly spends, on average, 12 to 14 hours a day researching the market and distilling the most important points for newsletter readers.

When asked about one of the most notable trends in business, Paul Mampilly points to Amazon’s unique business model. With Amazon, growth comes first and profits come second. This is a radical departure from the traditional business model. And Mr. Mampilly believes this trend is continuing with other innovative companies such as Tesla.

In a profile published by the Premier Gazette, Mr. Mampilly’s journey is covered from his days as a top money manager to one of the most popular financial newsletter writers in America. The big shift in the Wall Street player’s career came during 2016. That’s when the daily grind of working for big banking firms got to Mr. Mampilly. He felt that it was time to help the average investor instead of those who already had an incredible investing advantage.

Today, Paul Mampilly is one of the top experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Mampilly writes three of the most popular newsletters for the publishing firm – “Profits Unlimited,” “True Momentum,” and “Extreme Fortunes.” Mr. Mampilly’s flagship newsletter, “Profits Unlimited” currently has over 60,000 readers.

In his newsletters, Paul Mampilly talks about emerging trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and small cap stocks. Each newsletter features one or two stock recommendations. As he continues to gain new readers, Mr. Mampilly will seek to find more hidden opportunities in every corner of the market.

Juan OG Perez Extravagant Party

Juan OG Perez was born and raised in Harlem. He was first introduced to Jay Z in 1996 through Roca Fella co-founder. In his 50Th Birthday Jay Z spent $113,000 as appreciation for his personal and close friend OG Perez. From Nightclubs, Restaurants it was a good night for OG Perez and his friends.

Juan OG Perez is the president of Roc Nation Sports his business partner is Jay z who has referenced him on a few of his records. The duo have achieved plenty by keeping to their mission statement of Roc Nation of always supporting and advocating for athletes in the Roc Nation industry. The Brand focuses on ensuring excellence in both athletes and artists in every aspect not just in the fields. OG Perez ability to focus on individual development and needs and Jay z’ platform in World Entertainment makes them the perfect duo. The two have committed to the tending to each athletes individual success which is groundbreaking and unique for the brand.

Juan OG Perez extravagant birthday night started in zuma a Japanese restaurant where the party were served steak, sushi and opulent lobster which cost $ 13000. The group went to made in Mexico a restaurant night club where Jayz bought liquor worth $9000 continuously ordering D’USS’E cognac which he is a partial owner of the brand.

To end the night they went to playroom Nightclub where they bought 40 bottles of champagne worth $91000. When news broke out on twitter about the extravagant amount there were mixed reactions of confusion and waste. Page Six report clarified that they gave out bottles to other tables and were seen mingling.

The interesting thing is watching Jayz promoting his own products D’USSE cognac at made in Mexico and buying Ace of shades a champagne brand bought in 2014 by Jayz. Partying with Jayz products continue to market his products.

William Saito: Entrepreneur Then and Now

William Saito was born in California and displayed an interest in software programming from an early age. He began programming in elementary school, and by college had actually started his own company. In 1998, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year and was known as a leading authority on encryption and other areas of data security. Today, he is widely recognized as an expert in cybersecurity.


Saito eventually sold his business to Microsoft. In 2005, he moved to Tokyo. There he founded InTecur, a firm dedicated to innovative technology, global talent, and successful entrepreneurship. Saito is extremely active in multiple areas. He has served on prestigious councils and boards, been an advisor to national governments and organizations, teaches at more than one university, is a frequent TV commentator, has authored several books, and writes a weekly column for the newspaper.


In 2011, “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur,” Saito’s autobiography, was published. The book tells the story of a young entrepreneur who combined child prodigy talents with a drive to learn which led to enormous early and continued success in the word of computer programming. The story centers around entrepreneurship and data security, the two areas Saito are most passionate about.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

According to a recent article in Hi-Tech Chronicle, Saito grew up in the 70’s and 80’s struggling to learn English. He was a first-generation American with Japanese parents who had limited English skills. What he lacked in English skills, however, he made up for in curiosity. He always liked to know how things worked and spent a lot of time taking apart devices and gadgets to see how it functioned.


So, naturally, he was fascinated with the software of the time, which was not as complicated as today, but still not readily understandable to the average elementary student. Being the exception, Saito was breaking into software for fun since fifth grade. Having a personal computer at the time was rare and expensive, but Saito’s parents provided one for him. They were not so happy when the first thing he did was to take the computer apart to see how it worked. However, being forced to learn how to put it back together gave him further knowledge of computers, from the inside out.




Rocketship Contribution to the Education Sector is Outstanding

Rocketship Education is a program based in San Jose, and it has a network of K-5 schools that are passionate about individualized learning. The non-profit approval school was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006 with the sole aim of offering children an equal opportunity to access education. The program receives support from some people and organizations such as former tennis professional Andre Agassi who funded Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. a Rocketship Education initiative. Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO, as well donated $2 million to support the running of the program. With the program’s optimism to achieve their set goals, most of the students involved are eligible for free lunch at school, and with such an arrangement, a lot of students got enrolled. By offering food, the program takes care of a more significant problem considering that some homesteads cannot afford such basic needs.

Rocketship Education program believes that every child is entitled to comprehensive education all the way to college which gets facilitated by starting in kindergarten. The fact that the program is free means that a lot of students are likely to become a part of it, which could as well affect the performance of the school. That is putting into consideration that more than half of the students speak English as their second language meaning they are not natives. Either way, the program is committed towards individual achievement which in the long run contributes to the overall performance of the school. Math is one subject that has been considered to require a lot of attention hence the introduction of programs to deal with it explicitly. The Rocketship Education program has brought a revolution in the education sector especially to those that have been sidelined on the basis of race and social class. The program’s good work has not gone unnoticed, and it once received an award from the department of education which as well came as a motivation to continue helping more children. The award came in the form of a grand worth $250 million, and this amount would help the program to manage their daily activities with ease and come up with new helpful projects.

Equities First Holdings: A Look Into Data From Wikipedia

Given his stint as the president and owner of Diversified Financial Group, it’s no wonder Al Christy created another corporation that’s now a household name – Equities First Holdings. Launched in 2002 in Indiana, Equities First Holdings is a financial institution with strengths in security-based loans, alternative shareholder financing, and customized solutions. At the forefront of operations are Al Christy, Jeff Smith, and Joe McCarthy. Equities First Holdings boasts an impressive team of experts as well, with each exceedingly proficient in financial affairs. EFH’s repertoire of personalized solutions, data-driven methods, and client-oriented approaches undoubtedly bode well for success. In fact, EFH has become so prosperous over the years that offices have been established overseas. A few of said operations fall within London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Christy has hopes of expanding into additional foreign markets down the line.

Flavio Maluf Notes an Increase in Brazilian Industry

Since the beginning of 2015, the confidence in the growth of Brazilian industry has steadily fallen. Businessman Flavio Maluf boasts optimism in the growth of the Brazilian production in the coming months, with the numbers backing him.

In September of 2016, there was an increase of 2.1 in the index bringing it to the highest point since July of 2014. This index is created by analyzing the opinions of executives regarding the previous six months of industry activity. Learn more about Flavio Maluf on ideamensch

The reason for this improvement in the opinions of prominent entrepreneurs boils down to a few points. The overall view that stock prices are “very high” has dropped to 12.7 percent from 14.1 and Installed Capacity Usage Level increased by 0.9 percent reaching 74.7.

Flavio Maluf points out that the executives that regard stock to priced low are at the highest percent since 2013 reaching 7.3. This means that the overall worth is much lower than the public opinion, adding more credence to the rise of Brazilian industry.

With all of the data presented, there should be a soft improvement in production leading to a slow but steady recovery. Even though the current number is not considered good, the increase bodes well for the Brazilian economy.


Flavio Maluf was born into a wealthy family but did not let his families wealth define who he is. Flavio attended Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. With the help of his degree, he was able to build up the company Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf can credit the idea for Eucatex to his great-grandfather Salim and the successful sawmill that he owned in Latin America in the 1940’s. In the 60’s, his father and uncle turned the sawmill forests into a wood fiber lining industry that became the backbone of Flavio’s successful entrepreneurship. The name Eucatex is derived from the type of wood that the company uses in its production, Eucalyptus.

Flavio boasts that the key to success is to anticipate trends. Eucatex was the first company in the world to offer environmentally-friendly products in the early 2000’s.

Visit: https://flaviomalufoficial.com/