Sheldon Lavin and the Success of OSI

OSI is one of the largest food production organizations in the world. It employs more than 20,000 employees in at least 65 facilities and has had tremendous growth worldwide. It delivers to major food companies, with McDonalds being one its most notable consumers.

The company started out as Otto & Sons, a small German butcher shop in the Chicago area. It was owned by an immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky, who sold meat to the residents of the city. Things began to change when a man named Sheldon Lavin, an investment manager and bank executive, gained a leading roll Otto & Sons He helped the company make the transition over from a small butcher shop to a successful corporate enterprise. He changed the company’s previous name to OSI and slowly stated outward expansion. In 1977, Sheldon Lavin opened a food production plant in West Jordan, Utah, which became the first one for the company that was located outside of Illinois. OSI continued to expand across the nation, before turning overseas to Germany, where it became a supplier for European food companies.

Another turning point for OSI was during 2001, when it started to expand by focusing on operations in China. Sheldon Lavin had learned that he was able to expand to a growing international market after China had entered the World Trade Organization during the time where it began to experience rapid economic growth. Within the past decade, OSI has increased efforts in China and has used Shanghai as a location of one its new culinary innovation centers.

Keeping to his promise, Sheldon Lavin continued improving technology in order to make his business more sustainable and environmentally friendly. He has been awarded the North American Meat Institute’s Award, the California Green Business Award, and the Global Visionary Award for his work with OSI. He has helped to grow the business while keeping in line with its original roots for providing good-quality at an affordable price.

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