The Hands On Approach That Got Infinity Group to be one of Australia’s Most Innovative Companies

ffiInfinity Group Australia is now on the Australia Financial review’s list of most innovative companies for this year. The Australia Financial Review is one of the most celebrated business and finance newspapers in Australia and has a very wide audience around the country. Being on the list gives the companies a lot more exposure and for good reason.

Infinity Group is a mortgage broker that has been around since 2012 and was founded by Graeme Holm and his wife Rebecca Holm. They started the company because they realized that while a lot of Australians were very educated in their own personal fields of study, they were not very educated when it came to finances. A lot of Australians, they felt, were unequipped to handle day to day finances correctly and most of them would end up paying off a home in about 50 years. With this in mind, they decided to create a home loan company that would do more than just lend out mortgages. They would also educate their clients on the best ways for them to handle their money so that they can get rid of debt and begin to invest their capital in ventures that mattered to them.

Infinity Group has a very hands-on approach when it comes to providing their clients with financial advice. They first analyze a household income and then divided it into what they think is the ideal way to categorize and put money to use, with a big chunk of that money dedicated to paying off debts. The company will then let the client handle their finances on their own but will send progress reports periodically so that they can see how well they’re doing.

With this approach, a lot of Infinity Group’s clients were able to pay off 30-year mortgages in as little as 7 years. Holm says that this is the result of a hands-on approach focused on collaboration and on the success of the client. If the client succeeds, so does infinity Group. This is what got Holm and Infinity Group on the AFR’s list of most innovative companies in all of Australia. Holm says that this is a great achievement for them and that he plans on Infinity Group doing more great work and gain more recognition for helping everyday Australians achieve their financial goals. Infinity Group will continue to act as a personal trainer for the financial fitness of all Australians. Learn more:


This is How Sheldon Lavin Led OSI Group towards Its Spectacular Growth

Sheldon Lavin is a successful business leader and has been serving OSI Group as the chairman and CEO. OSI Group is a leading food processing company in the world, and their main operations include manufacturing and packaging meat and food products. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, the company supplies their products and services to both retail and major foodservice sectors. Lavin first joined the company as a partner, but later in the year 1970, he became an active leader in OSI industries. The company by this time was owned by Mr. Otto and his sons and thus carried the name, Otto & Sons Company. The company had an opportunity for growth and expansion in the 1970s based on the fact that they had a chance to be a key supplier of hamburgers at McDonalds Corporation. However, due to some financial hitches, the company was not able to deliver, and this is when Sheldon Lavin stepped in to help in financial decision making.

McDonald’s management recommended for his active involvement in the company because they trusted in his potentiality to bring the giant food processor to greater growth. Lavin worked towards this goal, and he managed to help the company acquire funds from different financial institutions, and this marked the beginning of their spectacular growth journey. Apart from providing financial advice to the company, he also spearheaded the efforts to acquire investments and businesses abroad. During this era, Mr. Otto retired, and Lavin became a partner with his sons, and the name of the company was changed to OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin’s main goal was to help the company gain more clients not only in Illinois but also in the outside world. His efforts were not in vain, and after some years of working hard, he managed to purchase a controlling interest in the company.

Sheldon Lavin was able to change the perspective of the food processing industry, and his main focus became investment on large scale operations so that the company can handle multilayered supply chains. While he may have achieved a lot on his own, Lavin believes in working with ambitious and like-minded people individuals. Through the combined efforts with his team, he has become remarkably successful in the meat and food processing industry. Sheldon has mastered key factors to growth and success in business, and these include teamwork, a collaborative culture, utilization of new technologies, paying attention to consumer preferences and provision of necessary resources for every operation. This trend makes him a successful and smart businessman.

Chris Burch – An Entrepreneur with a Heart for Philanthropy

Chris Burch knows what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. He also knows his way around the investing world. As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has successfully navigated his field for four decades. Past, notable, investments include the Nihiwatu luxury resort in Indonesia, and the Faena+ Universe Hotel in Argentina. His resume also includes a number of well-known lifestyle brands that include Ellen DeGeneres, Raw Foods, and Blink Health to name several.

A recent interview revealed insights into the origin of Burch Creative Capital, reference ( He has always had a curiosity for how to improve products and services. Through wanting to use his talents and insights to aid businesses, the idea of Burch Creative Capital formed. Today, his company provides capital to fund creative and unique business ideas.

Much of Chris Burch’s penchant for hard work comes from his work as a teenager. He worked at a construction site, at the encouragement of his father, and gained a solid appreciation for strenuous work. In addition to hard work, he also recommends that would-be entrepreneurs learn how to listen. Chris Burch also believes that it takes a creative group of talented people to bring a vibrant idea to life.

There has to be a sense of passion with everyone who works on the team. Chris Burch dedicates his life to giving back to the community, and efforts at Mt. Sinai Hospital are proof. He also commits to the Henry Street Settlement, the Sumba Foundation, and the China Association to name several, find out more info on

Dr. Jennifer Walden, From Texas to New York and Back

Dr. Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas. Shortly after she graduated from University of Texas she took a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Her fellowship was for aesthetic surgery. Jennifer Walden was an Austin Texas native and during her time in New York she realized she eventually wanted to return home to Texas. She took advantage of her time in New York and opened her own practice. She was successful in aesthetic surgery but decided to return to Texas and raise her twin sons closer to her family.

The vast majority of cosmetic plastic surgeons are male doctors. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a rarity in her own field. She has a sound understanding of the changes that a woman’s body can go through as it ages and recovers from child birth. This understanding helps her to better connect with her patients and deliver the results that they want. There are over 8100 board certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Out of that staggering number, only about 850 are women. Over ninety percent of cosmetic surgeries that are performed in the United States are performed on women. Many women seek out the professional opinion of female doctors.

In addition to tummy tucks and liposuction, Dr. Walden also performs breast augmentations, implants and reconstruction. She has a thorough understanding of face lift procedures, Botox and other facial reconstructive surgeries. She has become quite an expert in her field and is also a published author on the subject of cosmetic plastic surgery.