Chris Burch – An Entrepreneur with a Heart for Philanthropy

Chris Burch knows what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. He also knows his way around the investing world. As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has successfully navigated his field for four decades. Past, notable, investments include the Nihiwatu luxury resort in Indonesia, and the Faena+ Universe Hotel in Argentina. His resume also includes a number of well-known lifestyle brands that include Ellen DeGeneres, Raw Foods, and Blink Health to name several.

A recent interview revealed insights into the origin of Burch Creative Capital, reference ( He has always had a curiosity for how to improve products and services. Through wanting to use his talents and insights to aid businesses, the idea of Burch Creative Capital formed. Today, his company provides capital to fund creative and unique business ideas.

Much of Chris Burch’s penchant for hard work comes from his work as a teenager. He worked at a construction site, at the encouragement of his father, and gained a solid appreciation for strenuous work. In addition to hard work, he also recommends that would-be entrepreneurs learn how to listen. Chris Burch also believes that it takes a creative group of talented people to bring a vibrant idea to life.

There has to be a sense of passion with everyone who works on the team. Chris Burch dedicates his life to giving back to the community, and efforts at Mt. Sinai Hospital are proof. He also commits to the Henry Street Settlement, the Sumba Foundation, and the China Association to name several, find out more info on

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