Sheldon Lavin The Giant Name In The Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin path in the meat industry has been a long success story since he started in the financing department of Otto and Sons in the year 1970. He now works as the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Besides this, he is the president of OSI International Food Ltd. He has managed to engineer significant changes to the corporation spearheading to an international food supplier.

Sheldon Lavin first started by organizing the finances of Otto and Sons which was the original name of OSI Ltd. He got more involved in the company in 1975 when they were sourcing for funds to invest abroad. This saw Sheldon get appointed as a partner together with the two sons of Mr. Otto. He later agreed to join the daily operations of the company by becoming the CEO of the OSI Group.

The works of Sheldon Lavin have not gone unrecognized as he has received various awards all praising his achievements and success. One such award was given by India’s Vision World Academy where he was presented with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Sheldon is very committed and works towards ensuring that the company grows into the most prominent organization worldwide.


Through his guidance, OSI continues to expand throughout the globe which has seen become a full partner. The first partner retired a while back and was later followed by the other partners which saw Lavin earned a 100% voting power. He says that his primary aim for the company has been to build something that was extraordinarily big. Lavin says that if he didn’t believe that he could do that he would not have stayed on in the company.

Today, Lavin is in his early 80S and has extensive knowledge of the industry which he has accumulated over the four decades of hard work in the industry. He says that diversifying the business has been and will continue to be the most exciting part of his career. With more than 60 facilities across different locations in the world, he says that he is happy about the success of the business, but he is still looking to grow even further.


If you are thinking about starting in the food processing industry, there is no better person to seek guidance than Sheldon Lavin. His success speaks volumes about this.

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