How Susan McGalla Boosted Revenue For The Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, business executive. In February 2015 she joined the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL organization as its new vice president of business strategy and creative development. She has conceived of and executed a number of initiatives that have resulting in significantly boosting the amount of revenue this team generates. One of these is the Steelers Nation Unite loyalty program which comes with great rewards and exclusive benefits for its members.

Since Susan McGalla took over this position she has increased the team’s revenues by an amazing 50 percent. The loyalty program has become the top one in the sports industry and she has fostered a number of positive community relationships. The Steelers eCommerce website has become highly successful due to her leadership and business acumen as well.

Prior to arriving at this NFL team, Susan McGalla’s background was in retail and working as an independent consultant. She was once the chief merchandising officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., a company she worked at for 15 years. During her time with this company, their annual revenues grew from $340 million to around $3 billion. She increased the number of brands offered by this company from one to four and when she left it in 2009 it had more than 1,000 stores and around 28,000 employees.

She is a graduate of Mount Union College, earning a bachelor of arts degree in marketing in 1986. Susan McGalla has spent her entire life living in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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