Ted Bauman is Providing His in-depth Knowledge at Banyan Hill Publishing

For the past 30 years, Ted Bauman has been working to help the average citizen live a better life. Ted currently works for the massively popular investing and financial information source, Banyan Hill Publishing, where he has spent the last five years as an editor. To date, his financial advice has helped thousands of individuals make more informed decisions and build successful careers in the financial industry. Ted Bauman is able to do all of this from his very own home, where he can spend a large amount of time researching and preparing information to offer his readers on Banyan Hill. As one of the leading experts on the platform, tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs seek out Ted’s latest information on the financial industry.

Thousands of readers come to Banyan Hill on a daily basis to see what information has been posted and Ted is perhaps one of the largest writers for the site based on the number of viewers he pulls in, which is regularly tens of thousands. What makes Ted Bauman such a great editor at Banyan Hill is not just his expert advice either, but his presentation. Ted Bauman has a way of writing that can make even some of the most complicated subjects sound simple and easy to execute. On that same note, Ted makes his writing interesting and sometimes even funny, which makes reading financial and business information all the easier on behalf of the reader. To know more about him click here.

Ted was born in Washington in the United States, though he didn’t stay long once he completed his high school education. With an opportunity to go to the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Ted jumped on the traveling opportunity to gain new experience for his life and career. After completing his primary degrees in economics and history, Ted spent more than 20 years traveling around South Africa and neighboring countries to act as a consultant and director for a variety of different programs and organizations.

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