Alex Hern: Who is He?

Alex Hern, current leader and CEO of Tsunami XR has been involved in the worlds of business and technology for almost 3 decades. His lengthy career has been laser-focused on early-stage companies and the birth, incubation, and success of tech companies. Some of his notable pursuits include being the Director of Inktomi- an initial public offering offered by the famed investment bank Goldman Sachs. This company was the backbone behind search giants like Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft’s Bing.

Aside from his search related pursuits, Alex is also the co-founder of Yesmain, an initial public offering offered by Alex Brown, another tech luminary. Yesmail was initially conceived of as an email marketing/web directory company that was designed to connect users across the globe. Yesmail eventually went public and was sold to ModusLink Global Solutions, for a whopping 650 million dollars not one year after the IPO.

Alex is also involved in a number of other fields. He helped to co-found “Military Commercial Technologies“, which is a military-tech oriented startup incubator for new businesses. This project was backed up by some of the biggest names in the defense/military industry including Lockheed Martin and L3. Alex Hern sat on the board as Chaiman and CEO of that effort. He was also involved with Arcsight, both as a co-founder and director. Arcsight focuses primarily on cyber-security and was acquiried by the computer giant Hewlett Packard for a stunning 1.5 billion dollars.

He also worked as a Director at Cloudshield, which is a large network security firm that he was once again, a co-founder of. There are a number of other places where Alex has made his mark, including Zero Knowledge Systems, Triton Network, and a number of other rising stars in the technology world.

Alex Hern’s current project, Tusnami, was born from the realization that the transition from being dominated by CPU tech to GPU tech is going to be the next big gold rush in the SaaS industry. The new abilities and capabilities that GPU based architecture present are set to make dynamic changes in the software as a service marketplace.

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