Madison Street Capital Wins the 16th Annual Award for M & A Advisor

In 2017, Madison Street Capital bagged the 16th Annual award for M& A. The M & A Advisor made the announcement. The event was hosted at The Metropolitan Club in New York City. The award was based on Madison’s ability to monitor and evaluate deals by predicting the economic viability. In this case, Madison Street Capital had just sealed a transaction between WLR Automotive and its partner.


The Event


Regarding the award, David Ferguson, the head cheerleader of M&A Advisor said that since 2002, the organization has been awarding the best dealmakers in the industry. In a list of 650 competitors, Madison Street Capital was the leading performer of the year. He added that the organization was elated to award Madison Street Capital given the team of professionals involved in the company.


Leader’s Input


Charles Botchway, the head cheerleader who serves as the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital said that the company was elated to bag an award amidst the 650 companies that competed for the same position. Charles added that his team would provide high-quality services given the clientele. That was also an additional reason for Madison’s reward. Charles congratulated WLR Automotive and said that Barry Peterson assisted in achieving the dream.




Aside from that, Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for the industry’s boutique investment company of the year. The event was also held at the same venue. Over 500 participants attended the summit. These participants included industry stalwarts, academic giants, media personalities and executive leaders like chief executive officers and managers. Some of the top performing companies were also awarded.




Madison Street Capital is a financial services company. The head office is located in Chicago, Illinois. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of sensitive, corporate, finance, mergers and acquisition services. Madison prides itself on being a leader in the provision of financing and capitalization structures. Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals that understand the value of providing competent customer care services. The company has a vast team of excellent service delivery teams to match the demands of clients.


Additional Information


Madison Street Capital is a proud company that draws a full skill unit that provides financial services to clients. The company has branches across Asia, America in addition to Africa. This is a reflection of Madison’s ability to serve different people simultaneously. Madison Street Capital deals with the following transactions:

  • Hedge fund management
  • Private Equity
  • Fund administration
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Business management
  • Financial reporting


Additional Information


Madison Street Capital understands that experience is an essential skill in business. The company, having an experienced team, provides a range of competent services in different industries. Madison Street Capital prides itself on having a stellar reputation, an aspect that the company uses to retain clients.


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