Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, Representing the Corporate Sector

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein $ Associates LLC. It is a boutique law firm that has specialized in providing appropriate compensation advice. The company offers their services to the corporates and CEOs. Before he established Jeremy L. Goldstein $ Associates, he was a partner of the Rosen $ Katz, Wachtell and Lipton law firms. Jeremy Goldstein has been an active participant in many prestigious corporate transactions including the Duke energy/progress energy, the Dow chemical company, Chevron Texaco Corporation and the Goodrich by United Technology.


Mr. Goldstein prides himself in education, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cornell University. He acquired his master’s degree from the University of Chicago. To accomplish his dream to become a lawyer, Jeremy went to New York University School of law for his jurisdiction degree. He has specialized his career in providing advice to compensation committees. He is a frequent speaker and writer on corporate compensation issues. Jeremy has been the chairman of the mergers and acquisition committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He is one of the top-rated executive compensation attorneys in Leading Business Lawyers and the legal 500, by the USA chambers guide.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a member of the advisory board of the New York University Journal of law and business studies. He has also been a significant member of the new leadership council, a major participant of Make a Wish Foundation of the Metro New York foundation. Additionally, he had been appointed as a board member of directors at the Fountain House Foundation. Fountain house foundation is a charity initiative that is focused on helping mentally ill adults in their recovery process.


In 2015, Jeremy shared extensively on shareholder activism and executive compensation. He stated that all public companies could be targets of shareholder activism. He gave detailed advice and suggested that companies should review their compensation programs to make sure they consider the current shareholder activism. Some of the reviews they should put into considerations include; the protection of employees against activist attacks and the company’s pay program should be efficient in case the activist agenda is implemented. “Say on pay” is an early warning sign for the corporate and the activist shareholders. Most activists take advantage of payment as a wedge issue, even though there are no issues with the company’s pay program. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has also discussed knockout options that will help employers. Many companies have stopped giving their employees stock options so that they can save money. Stock options may lead to accounting problems that may be more expensive than the financial benefits. Most employees prefer high salaries more than the stock option benefits. Mr. Goldstein has used his knowledge to help numerous companies across the globe.