Adam Milstein- Anti-Antisemitism must be defeated

The fight against anti-Semitism has been part of the struggles that the world has faced for a long time. The struggle to end this practice had gained ground in the past few decades, but it seems like the ghosts of the past are coming back to life. Anti-Semitism is now being practiced in many parts of the globe, more so in developed countries. In the United States and Europe, there has been an increase in cases of anti-Semitism, something that should worry human rights defenders. The obsession for hate that has been focused on the Jews is unwarranted, and of great magnitude, that should never be allowed to happen.

Never again has a single community been subjected to such hate for so many years as the Jews have. In the light of the challenges that this community face, there is good news that the community might stand strong in the face of these challenges. Adam Milstein, a Jew living in the United States has committed to bringing to an end the challenge that the community face as a result of anti-Semitism. He has embarked on a journey of sensitizing the world about the dangers of this vice and why it needs to be stopped. He has also started initiatives that call for a strong State of Israel.

Adam Milstein recognizes that the future of the community is in the hands of the young generation. These are the people who deserve to be given the attention as of now. In the face of increasing cases of anti-Semitism, young Jews need to be brought up in a way that promotes the strength of the Jewish community. These are the people who will fight for the community in the future, and they, therefore, need to be prepared from an early age to handle the challenges that come with being a Jew.

Adam Milstein has been using his finances to promote some of the initiatives he has started. This level of commitment shows that the matter of Jews unity is right inside his heart.

Adam Milstein serves as the managing partner of the Hager Pacific Properties.

Betsy DeVos and The Role of School Choice in American Politics

The 2016 Presidential Election is going to go down in history for a variety of different reasons. Most of all, the election showcased that there is a need for real change within the political climate of the United States of America. President Trump, then just Nominee Trump, tapped into the desire for change that was running throughout America’s largest voting blocks and he rode that wave into the White House. Along the way, President Trump promised to render change at the highest levels of the government in order to ‘drain the swamp’ and bring the focus back to the American people. In order to do this, President Trump put together a cabinet filled with political outsiders that were determined to upset the status quo and change how things were run. The most important of his cabinet additions is Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education for the Department of Education.


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. by a winding path that started in the heartland of America. Betsy DeVos was born and raised in Holland, MI before she moved away from home in order to pursue her higher education. Born to the wealthy Prince family, owners of the Amway fortune, Betsy DeVos had every reason to take it easy throughout her life. Instead, Betsy DeVos doubled down on the things that mattered to her. She went to Calvin College and learned the true cost of education. She studied the works of Milton Friedman, notably his writing titled ‘The Role of government in Education”, and she has gone on to spend the past thirty years trying to spread education reform.


What Betsy DeVos has done for the conservative education movement is almost hard to quantify. While conservatives feel strongly about education, the party itself never really had a direction to push that belief until DeVos started working hard to spread the word of school choice. DeVos has championed school choice for over thirty years now and she has put in both money and physical effort in order to help propel it into the mainstream. School choice rests on the idea of fundamentally equalizing the playing field between secular and non-secular schools. DeVos believes in school choice as well as the voucher system and in doing so she is giving conservatives something to rally around.


Coming into a high-profile presidential administration isn’t easy in even the calmest of circumstances and so Betsy DeVos will have to work hard to establish herself as someone worth her position. DeVos work as a private citizen shows well that she is capable of making a difference in politics and now she’ll have to do even more as a public servant. DeVos has to be able to reach across the political aisle in order to work alongside both liberals and conservatives in order to try and bring President Trump’s vision to reality. While Betsy DeVos has limited experience in government, she has already proven herself to be capable and adept at handling the work that is required of her.


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