Rocketship Contribution to the Education Sector is Outstanding

Rocketship Education is a program based in San Jose, and it has a network of K-5 schools that are passionate about individualized learning. The non-profit approval school was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006 with the sole aim of offering children an equal opportunity to access education. The program receives support from some people and organizations such as former tennis professional Andre Agassi who funded Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. a Rocketship Education initiative. Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO, as well donated $2 million to support the running of the program. With the program’s optimism to achieve their set goals, most of the students involved are eligible for free lunch at school, and with such an arrangement, a lot of students got enrolled. By offering food, the program takes care of a more significant problem considering that some homesteads cannot afford such basic needs.

Rocketship Education program believes that every child is entitled to comprehensive education all the way to college which gets facilitated by starting in kindergarten. The fact that the program is free means that a lot of students are likely to become a part of it, which could as well affect the performance of the school. That is putting into consideration that more than half of the students speak English as their second language meaning they are not natives. Either way, the program is committed towards individual achievement which in the long run contributes to the overall performance of the school. Math is one subject that has been considered to require a lot of attention hence the introduction of programs to deal with it explicitly. The Rocketship Education program has brought a revolution in the education sector especially to those that have been sidelined on the basis of race and social class. The program’s good work has not gone unnoticed, and it once received an award from the department of education which as well came as a motivation to continue helping more children. The award came in the form of a grand worth $250 million, and this amount would help the program to manage their daily activities with ease and come up with new helpful projects.