How Drew Madden Got Placed into His Role at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

What brought you to your situation today?

Right after college, I started my IT career in the healthcare industry. My background in industrial engineering education allowed me to be a natural fit for this section of the field. I almost immediately noticed the association among many industrial engineering concepts and the integration of electronic health records. I went into the field right after that.

Out of school I immediately started working for Cerner Corporation. I implemented inpatient clinical utilities in large healthcare environments in the Greater Chicago Area. Following my role at Cerner, I developed into a certified consultant for Epic applications. I devoted four years towards implementing Epic applications. Then, I moved into the business development area where I endeavored to market the applications I had worked with previously.

How did you decide on your field?

It would be nice to say that it was strategic planning on my end, but the reality is that healthcare IT called on me. After leaving college, I was among the wave of those graduating just after 9/11. Prospects for jobs weren’t looking good and I had only recently gotten married and graduated. The only offer I got turned out to be Cerner. This was mostly due to an undertaking I took part in during my last year of college. At that point, consulting and healthcare IT was only just emerging and was presenting promising future increases.

It’s always interesting to ask similar people in my field that question because almost all of them have the same answer. They just kind of fell into it. Although I didn’t dream of working in this position as a kid, it’s a lot more fulfilling than I ever thought possible.

As a Founding Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden works at this consulting firm in order to help healthcare providers solve different kinds of problems using data and technology solutions. This streamlines efficiency and improves patient results. Drew Madden went to the University of Iowa College of Engineering and studied Industrial Engineering with a Medical Systems emphasis.